Combination of recycling and technology,
Challenge for a better future
H2 is committed to creating an eco-friendly and more efficient future.
We pursue the production of high-quality resources through patents and certification.

Future technology development and
Design another future.

H2 Corporation recycles plastics with an innovative system.
It is produced very efficiently from recycled raw materials.

H2 Innovation
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Mechanical recycling PET chip By producing eco-friendly, high-quality recycled raw material rPET-chip, our company is leading the way as a company that cares about the earth and the environment.



H2 is thinking about the healthy future of the earth and working hard for the earth today.

r-chip for long fiber

It is a method of grinding and cleaning PET bottles and
producing high-quality long fiber-only r-chip.

r-chip for B to B

Crush and clean the PET bottle used in the food container and return it to the food container
It’s a way to make it circulate.

Recycle PET chip
Special process

Discover the process that takes place through H2’s eight special processes.
H2 works with many partners based on innovative technologies and systems.